About Chiller Freights Transport LLC

Best Chiller Van for Rent in Dubai

About Chiller Freights Transport LLC

At Chiller Freights Transport in Dubai, we have been providing top-quality transportation and delivery services to businesses in Dubai and across the UAE Established in 2016, our company is a premier provider of specialized transportation services in Dubai, UAE. We offer a comprehensive range of vehicles equipped with advanced cooling systems to meet the specific needs of businesses requiring temperature-controlled logistics.

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About Chiller Freights Transport LLC

Chiller Van Rental:

Our Chiller Vans are meticulously designed to maintain the freshness and quality of perishable goods during transportation. With precise temperature control, we ensure that your delicate products, including fruits, vegetables, flowers, and dairy items, are delivered in optimal condition.

Freezer Van Rental:

Our state-of-the-art Freezer Vans are ideal for the safe transport of frozen goods. With sub-zero temperature capabilities, we provide an uninterrupted cold chain for products like frozen meats, seafood, ice cream, and other items that require constant freezing temperatures. 

Refrigerated Truck Rental:

Our Refrigerated Trucks are specifically designed to handle large-scale logistics operations. These trucks are perfect for long-distance transport of perishable goods, ensuring a consistent temperature-controlled environment throughout the journey. From fresh produce to pharmaceuticals, we accommodate diverse industry requirements.

Delivery Van Rental:

Our fleet of Delivery Vans caters to a wide range of transportation needs. Whether you require non-perishable items, food products, electronics, or furniture to be transported, our well-maintained vans offer reliable and efficient delivery services.

What Our Client Say?

Chiller van & Freezer van both types of vehicles we take from chiller Fright LLC . There services is out standing on time they have well maintained vehicles... because they give us not vehicle by models the provide outstanding service which be appreciated thanks Chiller Fright LLC yo provide us such kind of service...I strongly recommend chiller Fright LLC to all.

Afaq Ahmad

As Logistic manager i hired Chiller van by chiller freight LLC is best chiller van & freezer van providers on daily ,weekly and monthly basis there's rent is negotiable from market mostly we hired chiller van for rent in Dubai and also freezer van as well i appreciate there's services and i recommend it as well thanks Chiller Freight L.L.C

Mukamil Raj

I am Neer from citizen LLC I hired chiller van from chiller freight LLC they are very professional and I like their service

Neer Magar

They Provide Very Good Services All Across the UAE especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi They have Chiller Vans Models from 2012 to 2023 I recommend this company their Rental Price is Also very affordable

Syed Farhat Ali

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